Choosing between Two Good Things!

Today I find myself wrestling with a choice.  A choice between what appears to be two equally good things.  As I have looked at both I can see pro’s and con’s to both and on the scale they appear to be equal decisions.  So what do I do to find God’s best choice for me?  How do I decide?  A decision must be made.  Saying yes to one is saying no to another and indecision is really a decision to say no to both.

I am usually the one who prays, “God close all the doors except the one I’m to walk through”.  Not happening!

I have always believed you should follow the way of peace.  However, neither choice brings me anxiety.  I believe from what I can see, what I know, that both are equally good.

See this is the problem,  the unknown!  Ugh!  More Faith Required!

There are unknowns in both situations that I can’t control.  Only God knows what will be coming ahead and He isn’t making it clear to me yet.  So again even with deciding between good things there is a measure of faith needed.

I’m finding that living a life of faith isn’t just about trusting God for provision in walking out the things He has told me to do.  It is also trusting Him to help me make the everyday choices between good and best.

I have been reading in Judges and today during my lunch break I was reading about Gideon and how he put out the fleece twice to make sure he heard God right.  I have to admit I have been tempted to do a “fleece” thing with this but I want to be more mature than that.  I want to hear from God’s spirit and act.  I don’t want to have to test Him to be sure I know what to do.

See if it were a decision like pizza or brussel sprouts the answer would be simple……pizza.

Of course I have made this a matter of prayer.  I have talked it through with Gus and even asked what he would do if he were in my place.  I don’t know that he ever gave me an answer. hmmm.

I don’t believe God wants this to be a big mystery from me so what is the problem….to be continued……


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